"I have chosen to run for Mayor of Waterbury because I have witnessed the decline of the city where I was born and raised. For decades, both the Democratic and Republican Parties have let down the Residents of Waterbury, resulting in excessive taxation, a crumbling infrastructure, and various quality of life issues.
I want to make it clear that this is not a mere game. Our lives, our hard-earned money, and our investments have yielded no meaningful returns. It is time for us to demand a return on our investments.

The path to change begins with us."-Keisha

(This is a poem written for me. Enjoy the read.)

If Not You!?....

...Then Who? 

Will Turn It All Around? 

The Typical 'Statesman'

.....(Or 'Stateswoman')

Have Seen Their Times

Pass Them By

Like A Blur......


Fresh!, And New Voices!....

Are About To.....


Seeking An Infusion Of New-Blood

From 'Every Corner' Comes The Cry

...."Five!, Six!, And Seven Termer's!

To You!, We Say


There Is This Particular Woman

Whom Her Adversaries

....Appear To Reject

Though They Don't Quite Dismiss Her

As She 'Gives Them Pause'

And Reasons To Reflect.

They All know Her Name...

And That 'She's In The Room'

They Feign Paying Little Attention To Her

While Knowing...That At Any Moment....

(If Not 'Today!?...Then Certainly 'Tomorrow!')

....She Could!?.....

.....Go 'Boom!'.

...(Evidenced By)...

What They Will Do!!,..And Have Done!

In Order To 'Throw Her A Bone'

Is Reshape Or Revamp

Some Of Her 'Platform' Protocols

.....Then Claim Them!....

......As 'Their Own!'.

Waterbury Ct. Is The Place

Where The Fuse

.....Has Been Lit

It Is Also The Place

Where Her Priorities Fit.

She Won't Play Their 'Political Games'

Of..."You Scratch My Back!, (etc)....."

No!..She's About To Kick Ass!

......And Take Some Names.

A Life-Long Resident

Her Passion Is True

Her Political Posture?

Is 'Long-Past-Do'

......Stead-Fast And Resilient!

I Would Not Be Surprised

If Someday She'd Be Addressed

....As Madam Mayor!, Governor!,

Or Even........

As The The First African-American...

.....Female President!.

But First!...She Must Navigate

'The Good Ol' Boys Club'

....Of Favors And Friendships

And The Whispers Of Hand-Outs

To Those Identified

......As 'Kinship'.

Strong And Independent!


And Self-Dependent

The World Needs More!!!

.....Of 'Her'....(You Know)

People Of High Moral-Fiber And Standards

And Absolutely Competent!!!.


 We are excited to present our campaign, fueled by grassroots approach for connecting directly with voters. With a strong emphasis on community outreach and door-to-door initiatives, we aim to create meaningful connections and bring positive change to our city. But we can't do this alone – we need your support! We are calling upon passionate individuals like you to join our team as dedicated volunteers. Together, we can make a tangible impact on our community and shape its future.   Volunteer opportunities are available in various capacities, allowing you to contribute in ways that match your skills and interests. Whether you're an excellent communicator who can knock on doors and engage in meaningful conversations or someone who prefers making phone calls to spread the campaign's message, your involvement is invaluable. One essential task we need help with is canvassing door-to-door. By knocking on doors and listening to voters' concerns, you can play a vital role in ensuring their voices are heard. Additionally, we are seeking volunteers who can make phone calls, reaching out to potential supporters and collecting signatures to support our campaign. Join our grassroots movement and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.  Sign up today as a volunteer and help us make a difference! Remember, every contribution matters, no matter how small. Let's rally behind our vision and create a city we can all be proud of.

Your support is crucial as we strive to improve our community in various capacities. We kindly request your generous donations to help bring about positive change to Waterbury.

Paid for by Supporters of Keisha-Treasurer Elizabeth Bullard Approved by Keisha Gilliams